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Exit, contact termination and safety in everyday life

We would like to invite you to our lectures and workshops on the topic of sexualised violence by the family or the immediate environment. Our events are aimed at those affected, professionals and interested parties.

Only available in German at the moment.

Presentations El Faro 2023

7 p.m. 9 p.m. CEST online

Only in German

16 March 2023

Help: Triggers! - How do I protect myself as a developmentally traumatised person from everyday triggers?

22 June 2023

Fear of re-traumatisation in help - how do I deal with my insecurities towards sexually abused children, young people and adults?
Experiences from personal experience

07 September 2023

Workshop: Support group sexualised violence - dealing with emotions, triggers and projections - how can it work?

30 November 2023

"I will survive"
Victims, victims, survivors - each one of us is a freedom fighter.
Ways to self-determination and a new self-awareness

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