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Specialised training in cooperative work

Experience expertise from victim protection as professional training

Our more than 20 years of experience flow into a joint project with our cooperation partner, the Berlin Heilpraktiker Fachschule. With our concept "Fate to Purpose", we have co-developed specialised training courses on the topic of sexualised violence in developmental age, as well as specialised training courses in the field of psychosomatics as a complex and serious trauma disorder, and a course on self-defence and building up or venting aggression especially for people traumatised by sexualised violence. 

In our work, which we have been carrying out here in Berlin since 2002 and since 2012 as a registered, independent association, we have been relying on the experience expertise of personal experience since our foundation and have developed a practical training and further education concept with a focus on psychosomatics and trauma for those affected and interested, together with our cooperation partner, the Berlin Heilpraktiker Fachschule.


This cooperation was born out of more than 20 years of experience in working with survivors of family-related sexualised violence, because in addition to acute help and support, there is also an enormous need to be able to pass on one's experiences on a solid professional foundation. It is not uncommon for those affected to be in the middle of life with the onset of developmental trauma and the opportunity to study psychology or something comparable is not given to everyone, even though they have so much potential within them. The way back into the old professional life is mostly blocked, also because it is riddled with traumatic experiences, and the onset of the trauma is often felt and experienced like a new start. 

The desire to be the person for others that one would have wished for oneself at one's worst time makes an important contribution alongside the large gap in care for traumatised people and offers the chance to find a professional perspective in the subject. Especially nowadays, we see more and more how important the interaction of experiential expertise with the orthodox medical and scientific side is in this topic. 

In this way, with our focus on family sexual abuse and violence from the association side, we help people out of the vicious circle of the perpetrators through protection, further networking and accompaniment into a safe, self-determined life and provide specialist, training and further education opportunities specifically for those affected through the specialist school, into which the practical experience from the association's work flows.

We are therefore very diversely positioned and can react to the respective individual needs and dangerous situations of those affected. The person seeking help is always at the centre of our work and we work closely with the existing help network or help to build it up if necessary.


Berliner Heilpraktiker Fachschule
Ana Cecilia und Dietmar Schoof
Focus: psychosomatics


Gatower Str. 139

13595 Berlin


+ 49 (0)30 - 35 13 13 20



Präsentation der Berliner Heilpraktiker Fachschule

Hier finden Sie einen Fachvortrag, der auf dem YouTube Channel der Berliner Heilpraktiker Fachschule eingestellt ist, wo unser Wissen mit einfließt. Er verschafft Ihnen einen Einblick in die Arbeit der Fachschule und wie diese mit der Thematik Psychosomatik und Trauma umgeht.

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