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Help for survivors

Individual support - the focus is on the person

What exactly does a person need who has experienced such terrible trauma as psychological, physical and/or sexual violence? And what if, in the worst case, this also took place in one's own family?

Many "non-affected" people can hardly bear this idea alone, let alone provide the assistance that this person needs. How could they? After all, these crimes go far beyond the healthy nature of human beings. The person affected hardly understands him/herself and can often only with difficulty or not at all relate to the problems that arise in everyday life, at work, in the family or in the partnership to what he or she has experienced.

The situation is similar with psychosomatic symptoms or already manifested illnesses. In most cases, the cause often lies hidden for years and decades because the experience of violence and the resulting shock had to be repressed. For others, however, the memories remain and they are caught up in the recurring, irrepressible images and tormenting feelings.

The social pressure does the rest and the remaining strength is directed more and more towards "functioning". Often, almost any means is justified in an attempt to banish the horror from one's life, hopefully for ever.


The person affected is robbing his own body and life and involuntarily remains stuck in the role of victim, which perpetrators know how to exploit again - a vicious circle if this spiral of violence cannot be interrupted with professional help.


In many cases, victims are also exposed to further assaults as they continue to live in a dangerous situation due to ongoing contact with perpetrators. Not infrequently, chronic and severe mental and physical illnesses are the result. 

The support we can offer you includes holistic and everyday counselling and support that you need for your individual life situation.



We offer:​​

  • Victim protection

  • Emergency phone number

  • Help and support in case of acute threat and endangerment

  • Strategic counselling

  • Accompaniment to the police, authorities, doctors etc. with prior discussion and counselling

  • Support in finding a place in therapy

  • Organisation of a place in a shelter

  • Counselling sessions to deal with acute situations for victims and fellow victims

  • Needs analysis and individual counselling (network building)

  • Personal process support

  • Complementing the existing network of helpers

  • Support groups

  • Self-defence and aggression rehabilitation training in cooperation with specialised schools for psychosomatics and trauma

  • Online forum for those affected

  • Counselling and education for interested parties

  • Education and general information in the form of workshops, seminars and lectures

  • Special training and counselling for helpers from all areas

  • Development of protection concepts 

  • Educational work through a permanent exhibition on the topic of sexual abuse in a house with an actual history of sexual abuse and violence

In our voluntary work, we rely on the important building block of practical experience, i.e. of being survivors ourselves. We see ourselves as companions on your individual path. In order to make this possible in a well-founded way, in addition to the experience expertise, the main responsible persons of the Victim Protection Association have completed a specialised alternative practitioner training with a focus on psychosomatics and trauma.


Trauma sequelae, as well as the corresponding symptoms and illnesses, often manifest themselves in complex and psychosomatic ways in the case of developmental trauma caused by sexualised violence by the family/close circle if they could not be dealt with.


The re-experiencing and unconscious repetition of the trauma through the unprocessed mechanisms, conditioning and perpetrator introjections is particularly severe. In the worst case, perpetrator contacts still exist, which the person conceals out of shame and fear.


Thanks to our victim-oriented concept and our experience expertise, we are able to provide trauma-sensitive and individual counselling and support in order to break the perpetrator-conditioned victim spiral and to find the way to a self-determined life afterwards.

This is a circumstance that plays an essential to vital role in victim protection, as well as in the further treatment of the disease patterns and the therapeutic measures based on them.


The behaviour and reaction patterns of those affected, who often do not understand themselves due to the lack of context, among other things due to repression, also contribute decisively to the further finding of appropriate help.


Here we would like to be a guide with our experience and expertise and, if desired, build bridges between the affected person and the existing help network, but also contribute to the education of those affected and those interested.


Please feel free to contact us - we will help where you need help and will find your way together!

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