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Victim protection

Exit, contact termination and safety in everyday life

If you find yourself in an acute threat situation and are looking for a protected space or basically need support on how to protect yourself from contact with perpetrators, we are there to help you with all your questions in an uncomplicated way - if necessary anonymously.

We provide support for you::

  • Initial help in the event of acute contact with a perpetrator

  • Victim protection in our protection project

  • On-call telephone

  • Arrangement for placement in a shelter / women's refuge

  • Establishment of a network of helpers

  • Strategic counselling 

  • Advice for practical victim protection in the case of:

    • Developmental traumatisation

    • Family-based perpetrator structures / networks 

    • Persecution and threats by perpetrators

  • Counselling and education on the topic of victim protection in general 

In our victim protection work, we combine maximum protection of living space with personal 24/7 support and on-call availability in particularly acute threat situations. In this way, we can protect and promote the safety of the affected people to the maximum, even in very threatening situations by perpetrators and groups of perpetrators.


This creates the basis for working out a common path and the resulting solutions for the individual life concept and further assistance and networking. In all our activities, the focus is on the individual and his or her personal life situation.

If there is a threat from a perpetrator, especially a long-term one, we offer you help and support to get out. Your safety comes first and our support is accordingly sensitised and individually tailored to your life situation with all network contacts available to us.

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