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El Faro Meeting Place and Incest House

Information, education and insights into a house of shame

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El Faro Meeting place

Regular events regarding the topic of sexual abuse and its associated violence are held in the spacious premises.

Support groups and seminars

This includes self-help groups specifically tailored to those who have been victims of sexual abuse and continuing courses on the topic of self-defence, self-discovery, self-realisation and self-assertion.

Seminars are also held that deal with the fundamental problem of uncovering, dealing with and processing early childhood and child, but also adult trauma caused by sexual assault and the associated violence within the family and the associated circle of relatives and acquaintances.


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Incest House Exhibition

Removing taboos through reality-based information and education

The topic of sexualised violence in childhood has been dividing our society for several decades, as it continues to move from obscurity into the public eye. There are still those who consider familial sexualised violence, i.e. incest, improbable because it goes beyond their world of ideas of morality and decency, just as there are those who consider it possible, mostly because of their own negative experiences and experiences that they either experienced themselves or perceived in their environment as events that affected other people.

The majority of the population, however, perceives this truly explosive topic rather on the sidelines and, when directly confronted with it, tries to form its own opinion about it. The power of repression and the taboo in society is still unbroken, the stigmatisation of those affected continues and with it the power of the perpetrators.

The association for victims of sexual abuse and violence, "El Faro", has made it one of its tasks to include this still existing misinformation and partly disinformation in its extensive work and education programme.

Individual counselling to get out of the spiral of violence

Furthermore, you can inform yourself through individual counselling about the possibilities available to every affected person to "escape" from the vicious circle of incest if you have been a victim of such an incestuous relationship world that negatively affects and ultimately destroys your whole life.

As a rule, the martyrdom of those affected goes on and on, since they remain stuck in the victim role due to the unprocessed trauma and the perpetrator conditioning deeply anchored in the subconscious, without having the feeling that they can do something about it.

Perpetrators know how to exploit this tragedy so that people are helplessly trapped in the spiral of abuse and violence.

Deeper understanding as a basis for better aid and prevention

The aim is to help all those who are affected to better understand this problem of sexual assault and exploitation in one's own family, which can truly be described as more than difficult.

At the same time, the resulting information is to be made accessible to the public within the framework of the exhibition.

This will be realised in the meeting place in the form of an exhibition in a house of shame, where you, if you have questions on this topic or are affected yourself, will receive appropriate information from the staff of the association, who are all self-affected, therapeutically trained and educated.


The house of shame

This house was made available to us by a person with personal experience who was forced to go into victim protection more than 15 years ago because of her own life situation.

She found protection and exchange from and with victims as well as therapeutic help in the victim protection projects of our association. This allowed her the space to recover and to build up a deeper understanding for herself and her severe developmental traumatisation, which she had to endure for 25 years in the house of shame through her father, her mother and the social environment. 

We are happy to have Ms. Marion Princk in our team, because today she herself is committed to helping those affected with her experience expertise and the corresponding professional training in the field of psychosomatics and trauma, and is active in the association's work as the second board member of the victim protection association "El Faro" Berlin.


Violence in the family as a source for other contexts of sexualised violence

Through our more than twenty years of association work with developmentally traumatised people through violent incestuous assaults, we have come to the conclusion that this is the cause of all other contexts in which sexualised violence, exploitation and perversion by and of people occur.

Therefore, this is also the focus of our educational and association activities.

Last but not least, this becomes clear in the strategies of perpetrators, which also puts us as helpers in danger in our victim protection work. After all, we stand between the fronts by believing the victim, protecting him or her and strengthening him or her in such a way that the forces can correct themselves accordingly in the sense of the original order of right and wrong.


The exhibition

In the house, family sexualised violence - incest, as well as the different excesses of this perversion, are presented on the basis of models and various scenarios.

The exhibition is aimed at interested people from all disciplines in the subject who would like to gain a deeper understanding and a more concrete picture of the closer circumstances of a sexually abused childhood and youth, as well as its serious, lifelong consequences and associated psychosomatic effects, but also at those affected who have a secure way of dealing with what they have experienced.


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Important notice:

The guided tours that take place for this purpose should only be taken up by those who are at the same time also prepared to bear the reactions to what they perceive that may result from this.

In particular, the possibility that previously hidden, because repressed, memories from the subconscious may push their way back into the consciousness and reopen old soul processes that were thought to have been settled long ago, especially those concerning the problem of abuse with its deviant, sexual assault scenarios and unbearable excesses of violence.

With regard to this well-known phenomenon and the resulting problems, we will be happy to advise you in detail in order to prevent such a re-memory process, which is difficult to influence and control, in advance, if possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and your questions.

El Faro Meeting Place


Loccumer Str. 24
31633 Leese / Weser


+49 (0)5761 - 831 4704


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