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As a victim protection association founded for and by survivors of sexualised violence, we have set out to help victims of sexualised violence to find their way back into their lives.


A traumatic experience, whether it happened recently or in the distant past, always leaves deep traces - especially, but not only, in the soul of the person concerned. In most cases, all areas of life are affected by the long-term consequences, psychosomatic symptoms and corresponding clinical pictures are added, proven compensation possibilities are exhausted sooner or later, and complications also arise in the social environment.

This is especially true if the trauma was experienced by the family or the immediate environment at development age or, in the worst case, if it continues into adulthood due to further threats and assaults.


The emotional world is upside down, the relationship to one's own body is disturbed, trust in fellow human beings and even in oneself is severely violated. Social contacts suffer and the consequences can be so far-reaching that a job can no longer be pursued due to the psychological strain.


We see our task in meeting the people where they stand in the healing stage of their experienced trauma in order to support them on their individual way back into life as a guide and companion.


Often unexpected possibilities arise on this path. New doors of self-knowledge open up and a broader perspective on life can become apparent. It can even be possible to transform a personally experienced misery into a mission in which one's own path becomes an enlightenment and help for others.

Our services

Trauma-sensitive, holistic counselling and support that is suitable for everyday life is particularly close to our hearts - you and your needs, which you require for your individual life situation, are at the centre of our attention.

About us

As survivors of sexualised violence at a developmental age by our own families and close relatives, we have joined together as a victim protection association in order to develop an emphatic and competent concept for practical and everyday help for self-empowerment and support, with the wish to pass this on in an impact-oriented way.

trauma-sensitive and safe

We know about the essential and often most difficult factor for the affected people of breaking off contact with the perpetrator and protecting the victim.

A correspondingly trauma-sensitive and individual approach to the survivors is particularly close to our hearts, as we know from our own experiences how many external and also internal hurdles have to be overcome in order to take the first step.

Experience expertise
victim-oriented and holistic

In the area of developmental traumatisation, the most individual symptoms and late effects manifest themselves on the psychological, physical and mental level.

The corresponding effects in the social environment are further consequences. This explains how diverse the demands on our counselling and support activities are.

For this reason, personal experience and specialised training are the pillars of our team.

Competence and network
from psychosomatics to victim protection

The main team members of the association have completed training as alternative practitioners with a focus on psychosomatics, as well as various trauma-specific further training courses, in order to be able to provide universal first aid in voluntary work on such a sensitive and often dangerous topic, as well as to accompany medium- and long-term processes safely and competently in all areas.

An additional valuable supplement is provided by the basic medical professions of some of the staff members. For all other areas, we have a network that has been built up over many years and is constantly growing.

Especially in the area of victim protection, which brings our staff between the front lines of perpetrators and victims, we require sound specialised training and competence.

Thus we are very diversely positioned and can react to the respective individual needs and dangerous situations in an affected-oriented and uncomplicated way.


Guide and support
the focus is on the individual

Help and safety for the individual seeking help are at the centre of our work and we see ourselves as a "soul guide" and companion on your personal path.

If so wished for we will support you anonymously. We also work closely with the existing help network if you wish and need it, or we can help to build it up.

Our commitment
a matter of honour

In our victim protection work, we are committed with heart and great passion. We finance ourselves from donations and from our own resources. In addition to our help, counselling and protection services, our commitment also includes education and public relations work.

It is a matter close to our hearts to bring not only the topic, but first and foremost those affected out of the taboo and stigmatisation, so that help and opening up for the victims of sexual violence, especially within the family and the immediate environment, becomes as natural and transparent as it never was for them in the world of the perpetrators. After all, they have always experienced their suffering as "normality" through the perpetrators.

For us, it is clear that only through the most important building block, showing the reality, through the wealth of experience of the survivors, can real and sustainable professionalism, help, education, prophylaxis and protection become possible.

Practical experience shows how often the origin of a current sexualised violence incident can be found in childhood and adolescence and represents the root for other contexts.


In combination with networking and the pooling of knowledge from the different areas of the topic, concepts can be developed in the justice, aid and health systems that meet the diverse needs for help.

Image by Juan Burgos

Online Vorträge 2024

Kostenlos, 19 - 21 Uhr

18. April

Posthypnotische Befehle und Fremdbestimmung

Die von Tätern gesetzten Mechanismen entmachten, um selbstbestimmt zu leben.

19. September

Die Macht des sozialen Umfeldes

... und dessen Auswirkungen im Positiven wie im Negativen.

13. Juni


Wie zeigen sich diese und wie können Betroffene damit umgehen

05. Dezember

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Wege, selbstbestimmt mit dem Trauma leben zu können.

Wir bitten um rechtzeitige Anmeldung:

030 - 35 13 50 94


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