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Our support groups

for and by survivors of sexual abuse and violence

Every human being is welcome here, regardless of the form of sexualised violence they have experienced or how long ago the experience took place.

An empathetic, open-minded and respectful approach is very important to us, in addition to the confidential setting.

The feel-good factor is made up of humanity, mutual openness, our own experience and the acceptance of the individual rhythm and personal life situation of each person.

We look at trauma sequelae from a holistic approach, as the effects show up in the whole person as well as in his or her social environment.

People are allowed to laugh and cry together, but they are also allowed to constructively "vent" their frustrations. Every person is seen and accepted with his or her feelings and is allowed to be the way he or she feels at the moment.

There is no "must" and no pressure to talk about what they have experienced or to confide in them. Sometimes listening, empathising or the feeling of not being alone with one's thoughts and feelings can be a balm for the soul - so everything is allowed, but nothing is compulsory.

Of course, we are also there for you outside the group if questions arise or traumatic reactions occur that were triggered by the exchange in the group.

At least one volunteer from the association is always present in our support groups as an experienced survivor and facilitator.

The aim of our support groups is to jointly develop and demonstrate ways and solutions that are suitable for everyday life and have been tested in practice, according to the motto:

"Helping people to help themselves".

We look forward to everyone who, like us, does not give up and fights to make the impossible possible, to exchange experiences:

  • about living with one's fate

  • about the consequences, coping with feelings and practical solutions

  • for mutual emotional support and motivation

We also welcome a short personal meeting prior to your first group session to get to know each other and to see together that the support group will be a suitable support for you and, above all, a positive experience.

Participation in the groups, which last about two hours, is free of charge and they are also available online.

Feel free to ask in the respective event city about the times and the framework conditions.

Our online support groups:


  • Affected people from all over the world come together.

  • Of course, there are adapted group rules for the online setting, which we will be happy to explain to you in the first meeting.

  • Anonymous participation is possible outside the group after a personal initial discussion.

  • We work with a very user-friendly and GDPR-compliant online platform to offer maximum data security.

We offer women's or men's groups in German, English or Spanish.

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