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Consultation for helpers

Combining competences for affected person-oriented assistance

Working in the field of sexualised violence, especially in a family context with structural dynamics in the background, is an enormous challenge - not least to the helpers themselves.

We would like to use our experience in victim protection and in dealing with perpetrator strategies from the perspective of personal experience to support other helpers in their work with targeted counselling.


Exchange and networking in this area are enormously important in order to combine forces, to make optimal use of resources, to provide a broad range of help and support for people whose lives are often threatened and to tailor it to the individual situation. The focus is on the safety of the person in distress.

Our consultation for helpers includes:

  • Education in dealing with victims

  • Advice, workshops and lectures on the topic and for prevention purposes

  • Development of individual protection concepts 

    • for victims in distress

    • for helpers who come into the focus of the perpetrators

  • Support for all people who are directly or indirectly affected and who stand up for a victim or for the topic in general.

  • Staff from the following areas, among others

    • Social work

    • Health

    • Therapists

    • Aid organisations

    • Law and justice

    • Authorities that form an interface

    • Schools

    • Child and youth protection

    • Science

  • Development of protection concepts

    • for employers on the subject of sexualised violence in the workplace

    • for social institutions

    • for schools

    • individual areas (e.g. work, family, leisure).

Please contact us for individual questions and personal advice.

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